On May 21st, 2022, I graduated from Parsons Paris.

I spent quality time finessing my social media and switched agencies. I felt genuine excitement and appreciation for the "influencing" industry for the first time - gaining some real traction with my online community.

I sat down and talked with my mother about what was next in our careers. We gave birth to the idea of amplifying the Nathalie Schuterman platform by creating a connection to the community I had closely connected with over the last few months. Pieces I knew my community, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs needed but didn't know where to find - pieces that would be released in limited edition drops with the promise of the quality and style that Nathalie Schuterman as a brand exudes, but with a twist for the young and inspired fashion youth.

We called it CS by NS.

A 10-square-meter office in a loft above the Nathalie Schuterman store, brainstorming, sharing inspiration and ideas with our lead designer Lara Libório and Susanna Öhman ( CFO and deputy CEO at Nathalie Schuterman), working on the financials, organisation, and budgets. Like everything else we do, we do it family style. 

At the end of it all, CS BY NS was a hit.

After the success, I gathered the team to discuss my ideas and next steps. I wanted to create a brand I've long been ideating behind the scenes, and luckily they shared my vision and wanted to develop it with me.

Let me introduce to you:

CLOEYS - is a mirror of my style and my closet. The brand's mission is to develop clothing for everyday life, the pieces you are happy to see in the AM when you don't know what to wear.

CLOEYS focuses on season-less clothes - we choose quality over quantity and work in small drops.

CLOEYS's primary mission is the clothing to have a long life in your wardrobe. The core closet.

Welcome to CLOEYS.